July 22, 2008

One Single Impression - Rest

(For Cassie)

For the sheer joy of it, your tail wagged,
and your magnificent nose was raised to
the scented air, your footfall blithe along
the trail, your wise eyes lifted to the birds,
the clouds above, the dancing stars.

Once (a very long time ago), you
showed me how to live in this world,
how to love it and taste its grandeur.
Now as you move clear eyed and firm
of step toward your final resting place,
I am learning a little how to die.

Written for the incandescent spirits at One Single Impression. A special note here, my darling Cassie is dying, and it hurts more than I can ever say or sing or write. These words emerged fully formed as I sat holding her in my arms a day or two ago.