August 17, 2006


Who am I to question you? I never
dared before, but it's a sleepless hour
and embraced by the high still light of
morning, there are queries coming to the
surface unbidden, like the tiny bubbles
on a remote woodland stream somewhere,
emanations from a mind that is also
small and sometimes much afraid.

There are times when shadows are
more real than the objects which cast
them, and this is one of those times.
I've travelled widely in this unknown
country that is myself but it's a realm
I have yet to understand, and so

I cast these thoughts like an offering,
upward and outward this morning
to the rising sun and waning crescent moon,
the clear blue sky and ruffled trees,
the geese in singing flight back to
their waiting sun-drenched cornfields,
and trust there are no boundaries between
that which is here and that which is not,
that this sunrise in the dreaming green,
All are one.