June 29, 2006

Poetry Thursday - Relax

Relax, not to worry, no problem, take it easy,
be patient, be of good cheer and take heart.
Just breathe in and out and let things go.
One door closes and another one opens for you,
a rosy light shining there beyond the threshold.

A friend doesn't arrive without offerings, and I come
bearing riches for you, this season of abundance,
to lift your thoughts and light your way along.

I give you these clouds in freefall, this clear blue light,
this sunshine, the wind in the trees and rippling grain,
blossoms and fruit on the trees, gardens overflowing
with goodness and nourishment for body and soul.

This year, the bees will dance through the clover
humming your praises as they gather pollen
and return bounty laden to the skip and the hive.
There will be rabbits in the hedgerow, plovers
circling overhead and pigeons cooing in the loft,
deer grazing at dusk beyond the old rail fence.

Round bales of hay, July's own currency will lie
in the summer field like bright coins, and your
orchard bear golden apples in abundance. This
season, you will be serenaded by larks at sunrise,
singing many parted harmonies in blithe unison.

The rains will stop, and the tattered roses in the garden
will regenerate themselves, growing rich new petals,
offering up their heady fragrance to all those who are
passing by. You will partake of a fey knowing
by the old stream down behind the barn and
away across the paddock under the trees.

The waxing moon will rise high and clear
over the trees this evening and smile down on you
with its blessing light. The seasons will continue
to turn as they always have, and life will go on
around you as it always does, holding out gifts,
tokens, wry teachings and small wisdoms
for your waiting hands and your delight,
a surprise now and then, to keep you awake,
alert, watchful and on your toes.